This site started as a way to share a box of photos.

My father passed away in November 2015.  In his effects, I found a box labeled “Heidbreder Slides.”  It contained 50 boxes containing a total of 1,482 slides.  There were also some photos.  I figured the best way to share them would be to create this web site.

Out of respect for people still living, I have decided to make people sign in to see the photos.

OK … so if this is “Heidbreder Slides”, why is the site “StovesFamily.US?”  Simply stated, I already owned the domain.  My wife has a similar box of slides from her family.  They will probably go up here as well, so we will have Sanders slides as well.  And I still have a box of photos from my dad to scan that will probably be added here as well.  Since (this) StovesFamily was the result of the Heidbreders, Sanders and Stoves, it seemed appropriate.

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